Growing Ghana’s mango industry

Victoria Boateng is convinced: "If it was not for Blue Skies, the mango industry would not have grown”. Victoria established Green Dove Farms in Ghana 17 years ago with no idea about marketing. Like many other farmers, she did not know where to sell her fruit. She was very lucky that Blue Skies not only approved the quality of her fruit, but also invested in training and a long term partnership with her and other mango farmers in the area. Together, with its main customers and Foundation partners Albert Heijn and Waitrose & Partners, they have been of continuous help. “We know that they are always doing their best” she says. The Foundation built the Somanya Centre of Excellence in 2012. She remembers how much persuasion was needed to convince the Council and the Board of their project's merit. But in the end, it was approved and it became a success.
The centre has helped to make the mango farmers more visible and attract people. The farmer association grew stronger, more united and the joint space enables them to share ideas. It is used for training and demonstrations. New buyers and suppliers also present themselves there. “The centre is helping to grow mango activity in this area. We are always striving for more.” Victoria says.

The Somanya Centre of Excellence
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