Giving confidence. Taking responsibility.

For me, the Foundation’s biggest impact is how it changed so many lives in Dobro, where I live.” Victoria Asante is a Production Manager at the Blue Skies factory in Ghana. She has had an exceptional career at Blue Skies, starting as a casual member of staff in fresh-cut production in 2004 to become senior leader today. This transformed her life: from a shy person that did not think she could achieve a lot to a self-confident person that thinks nothing is impossible. “I gained a lot of confidence. This place is really encouraging women to move up the ladder” she says.

She sees her community, Dobro, being transformed in a similar way to how her life changed. Through its presence, its continuity and its values, the Foundation is giving people the confidence that if you persist in trying to change things, you will succeed.  It is the listening to people, that makes the difference. She describes it as: “If you tell us that this makes sense, we are going to help you with it, but we are also holding you accountable for it”. The Foundation makes sure that the things it invests in lasts through a strict monitoring system. This attitude triggers system change. Previously many children were not going to school because of lack of classrooms and bad school conditions. With better schools and sanitary facilities, more mothers can go to work, earn a living, and invest in their children’s education, while Blue Skies business brings local economic development and jobs. Blue Skies has triggered higher aspirations among the families of Dobro. They now believe in themselves. The Foundation encourages people to take responsibility for their future.

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