Inspiring the next generation

Belinda Assan was awarded best female student in the 2018 School Farm Competition. “Winning means a lot to me” she says, “because I did not have the basis for farming. In the beginning it was difficult, but after I got to know, it is now easy for me.” She was able to supervise the other students and became a role model for her friends. The school already participated three times in the contest, moving up from third to second to first place in its category. Last year, they managed to sell their organic cabbage to a big supermarket in Accra. This year they are targeting the branch in Ghana’s second biggest city Kumasi with cucumber. Belinda meanwhile, will do her final exams this year and is aiming to do well in science. Her dream is to work in food processing.

Belinda and her fellow students tending to their school farm
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