The Foundation as a catalyst for change

Alfred is the village elder in Akraman. Proud to be living in a very active community, he tells the story of how one successful project made another. It was Mr. Mantey, his friend and relative, who brought the needs of the community to the attention of the Blue Skies foundation. In 2010, they financed the renovation of the local school. The whole community came together to help. Since then, parents no longer have to send their children away for schooling. Owing to this success, the government built a kindergarten. A few years later, the community asked the foundation for help in drilling a borehole and re-using water tanks for water storage. Thanks to this project, the whole community now has access to clean drinking water. People are healthier and students comes to school on time, not tired as they used to be from having to walk hours on end to fetch water in the mornings. The system of storage tanks ensures there is always water even when there is a power outage. During a water crisis two years ago, the community even provided water for the whole district. This greatly helped surroundings communities and was a big source of revenue for the community. “The Foundation has brought many fortunes to the community, says Alfred.

The water system at Akraman village
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