Raising the profile of farmers

Billy Gameti first grew pineapple on 5 acres of land more than 20 years ago. He started small, but with a big ambition. Initially, Blue Skies helped him to fulfil their export criteria. His farm has now grown to 700 acres, selling 4 tons of pineapple per week to Blue Skies. He has been a supplier for 19 consecutive years. “They are doing so much” he says. He is very happy that he can bring jobs and social development to the community through his farm and the Foundation. Every year, he receives many ideas from his community and quite a number of them have been approved. The one that had the biggest impact for educational outcomes was the construction of a classroom block for Fotobi Junior High School in 2010. The Head Teacher and community are maintaining it very well. The best school in the district award that they won last year, proves their dedication. A second project that he likes to recall is the Nsawam WC. He decided to top up the funds for its construction with his own money, because he was convinced that this made sense. It is now of great benefit to his people and the community since they did not have a toilet before. He stresses that he feels responsible for the projects that he brought forward, and helps communities to ensure they are properly maintained,

For him, the Foundation is always helpful and a great source of inspiration. And through the Blue Skies family, he has become a well-respected farmer and a role model for future generations.

Nsawam WC toilet block
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