Discovering the future of agriculture

The Blue Skies Foundation is growing and so is its staff. Victoria Asamoah has been overseeing the School Farm Competition since 2018. She has a long-term perspective. Her vision is to make the agricultural sector attractive for young people.
This is only possible, when the misconception of farming changes: Farming is not only for poor uneducated people. The sales of the school farm products create additional income for the schools. She has experienced how both teachers and students are amazed by what they can achieve with a few seeds and tools. While it is too early to say whether this will alter career choices, the competition is eye opening for the students on new career options in agribusiness. As part of the competition, many schools visit the Blue Skies factory. She recalls that “Most school children are overwhelmed when they see the Blue Skies factory grounds. So was I on the first day that I arrived here. Seeing that education is necessary for successful agribusiness ignites a huge cycle of learning and achieving.”

Students from the winning school of our Blue Skies 2016 School Farm of the Year Competition

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