Providing toilets that save lives

Alistair’s passion is to see people’s lives change for the better. Initially employed in quality assurance at Blue Skies, he has been responsible for the Foundation in Ghana since the beginning. “The Foundation gave me the platform to reach out to more people and to drive to my passion.” Alistair says. He still remembers how much the team learned from the first project. The keys to success were established out of this experience, and immediately led to what he believes is the Foundation's most impactful project.

The public toilet in Amanfrom was finished in 2010. It saved many lives. Having no toilet facilities, the community had frequent cholera outbreaks. Since 2010, there was not a single cholera case. Alistair explains that he is amazed at how much change such a small object as a toilet can bring, when it targets an important need of the community. This is why the principles of his work are: engage with our local communities, understand their challenges, and provide the necessary support.

The KVIP Toilet at Amanfrom
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