Promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle

Sampson Kwawukumey has his own amazing Blue Skies story. He advanced from starting as a factory hand to being the keep fit instructor and occupational health and safety officer at the juice factory. The keep fit club is open to everyone around Dobro, where Blue Skies Ghana is located. The company was one of the first in Ghana to set up regular fitness activities for its staff and is still leading in terms of engagement. The Keep fit club has become an integral part of life in and around the Blue Skies factory grounds. The sports complex next to the factory grounds was financed by the Blue Skies Foundation. The membership is an opportunity for everyone to participate in aerobics, work-outs, fun activities and competitions. It has won numerous awards such as best keep fit club in Ghana (2016) and several hiking, football and handball prizes. The regular training thrice per week reduces ill-nesses and health costs. In the last evaluation, 60% of keep fit members had significantly improved on health and fitness indicators such as BMI. In addition, community members particularly enjoy the opportunity to travel to football and hiking events for their chance to see other clubs and socialize with staff. Despite its size, Sampson and his co-trainers personally enquire and assist if keep fit members miss training units. Together, they are promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle for the community.

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