Improving standards in Education

In her eleven years as headmistress, Rebecca Shiakor has seen a lot of change. When the Blue Skies Foundation started, she initially asked for a computer lab, however, when the council members saw the bad state of the school building, they jointly decided to tackle the basics first. This involved a total transformation of the school. Proper classrooms were built and a wall was constructed around the school yard, preventing hawkers, motorbikes and animals from passing through the school. Since then, school enrolment has increased by almost 150%. Children are more comfortable and can concentrate better and in 2018 the school came first in the district spelling competition, demonstrating the high standards that the school had been able to reach. In the same year, another Foundation project aimed to raise standards of learning even more: the school toilet. Before that, children had to walk a long way home when they needed a place of convenience, not always coming back afterwards. The close proximity to the Blue Skies factory is further encouraging the children. They know that if you are not educated, you cannot work there. Everyone is eager to study hard and learn. Rebecca is already preparing to enter the district maths competition, and of course, they're also keen to do well in the school farm competition.

The classroom block at Dobro School, provided by the Foundation in 2013
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