Changing the perception of farming

Proud winner of the 2018 School Farm Competition, Gloria Efum is a teacher that had never previously farmed. But with hard work, commitment and optimism, she managed to overcome the prejudices of teachers and students, who thought that agriculture was just a distraction. A group of 3 teachers and 30 students became ever more committed each day "Seeing the first leaves grow, was a highlight for everyone. It was mind-opening for all of us.” Gloria recalls. After harvest, the group added more value by producing carrot juice and cake for school events. She observed that the students have become hard workers due to their participation. They also have a much higher value of farming.

The School Farm Competition has had a profound impact on her and her environment too. “It taught me to do what I can with what I have”. She says. With her awakened passion for farming, she has inspired her partner and several friends to start their own farms.

Students taking part in our School Farm of the Year Competition
Participants of the School Farm Competition
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