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FutureFresh Appeal

Last month we launched an appeal in our newsletter to support a charity in Ghana that works with children with disabilities. Fun.ctional Works are partners of Klicks Africa Foundation and need help to support children who have not been able to attend classes due to lockdowns. Many of these children […]

Reducing Plastics

THE FACTS We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of all our materials, in terms of how they are sourced, how they are used and how they are disposed of. OUR BLUEPRINT COMMITMENT We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of all our materials, in terms of how […]

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Pina Colada Baked Oats

Ingredients • 2 cups oats • ½ cup dessicated coconut • ½ cup unsalted cashews • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon • pinch of salt • 1 pack of Blue Skies Pineapple Chunks • ½ cup coconut milk • 2 eggs •1 tsp vanilla extract • ¼ cup coconut oil • […]

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5 Life Changing Facts about Coconuts.

On today’s Friday Five, we’ll be sharing five interesting facts about coconuts, the fabulous fruit with multiple benefits. 1.Coconut Home You may have read about the pineapple hotel, but what about the Coconut Palace? Former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, used coconuts to build the Coconut Palace in Manila. Hoping […]

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5 Ways to Use Limes

It’s official. You’re obsessed with limes. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right? Limes aren’t only useful for Blue Skies’ juices and Brazilian cocktails. They can be used as skincare, medicine and even as a cleaning product! Here are five ways you can use limes. Skin Rejuvenator Splash some lime […]

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Meet Mbali Mbhele

I am Mbali Mbhele 20 years of age, born in November 1995. My family is made up of both parents, I have a brother and two cousins. I am the first child of Morena and Rebecca Nkosi and they both work at Blue Skies Fresh Produce. I’m a very loud, […]

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