Editorial: Stronger Together

Since the UK voted last month to leave the European Union there have been mixed reactions from among our sites over what this means for the UK and for Blue Skies. While Brexit undoubtedly impacts Blue Skies due to the sudden collapse of the pound, far less understood is the message the ‘leave vote’ sends the rest of the world about the UK’s attitude to diversity and inclusivity, two of the cornerstones of the Blue Skies JEE.

Many of those who voted to leave did so for understandable concerns over how the EU is managed. Whether it be the level of bureaucracy, the threat to sovereignty or the lack of democracy, it is widely acknowledged even among the remain voters, that the EU must be reformed. But what has stood out, particularly for those watching from outside the UK, is how Brexit has fuelled worrying levels of xenophobia and racism among a very small section of society. This of course may not reflect the views of the vast majority of leave voters, however it is the side which has been seen by many people living outside the UK, not least by our own staff. So should we now believe the UK, once a beacon for enterprise, charity and multi-culturalism, has now closed its doors on the world and declared that it no longer wishes to play its part as responsible global citizens, helping to solve some of the monumental challenges faced by our planet and its people?

No, of course this is not the case, but we have a responsibility to assure people around the world (and put pressure on our government to do the same), that despite Brexit, Britain is now, more than ever, an open, inclusive and proudly diverse society, which recognizes the part that immigration has unquestionably played in shaping our country, driving our economy and putting the Great in Great Britain.

And these are the values that we must continue to promote and defend as a business. They are at the heart of our Joint Effort Enterprise; diversity, equality and profitability. We strive to break down the barriers that divide us and embrace the differences that make us unique. It is this spirit of union – of being part of one family, regardless of who we are or where we came from – that has enabled us to survive and to thrive.

So while we worry about where Brexit will take us, Blue Skies stands tall with unwavering conviction for our values and a complete confidence that they will ultimately see us through.

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