2018 Blue Print Award Winners revealed

Our 2018 Blue Print Award winners were recently announced at our 2018 Conference, but who should be our overall winner? Have a look at each of the initiatives below, and use the voting form at the bottom of the page to choose your winner. Voting closes on 30th December 2018. The overall winner will be announced in January 2019.

Care for People

Awarded to: Blue Skies Netherlands

For: Occupational Gymnastics

Blue Skies Brazil recently introduced Occupational Gymnastics for their production teams helping to reduce stress and injuries and boost morale.

Respect for the Environment

Awarded to: Blue Skies Netherlands

For: Plastics Reduction

Our Dutch team took the initiative to remove all plastic sporks from their products, thereby saving over twenty four tons of plastics each year!

Driving Efficiencies

Awarded to: Blue Skies Egypt

For: Heat Recovery System

Egypt installed a heat recovery system to capture heat from refrigeration to use in fruit washing, laundry and showers, helping to save 377,000 KwH per year.

The Big Idea Award

Awarded to: Ghana NPD

For: Pastries from coconut flour

Our NPD team in Ghana came up with the idea of using waste coconut chaff from ice-cream production to mill into flour to make pastries!

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