5 Ways to Use Limes


It’s official. You’re obsessed with limes. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right? Limes aren’t only useful for Blue Skies’ juices and Brazilian cocktails. They can be used as skincare, medicine and even as a cleaning product! Here are five ways you can use limes.

  1. Skin Rejuvenator

Splash some lime juice on your skin to keep it rejuvenated, bright, and protected from infections. The acids in lime scrub out the dead cells on your skin, and can even help to reduce bruising and rashes. Acne scars can also be lightened by massaging some fresh lime juice onto them.

2. A Lime a Day Keeps a Cold Away

If you’re one of those people who always has a cold, no matter the season, stock your fridge up with some fresh limes to make your own cold remedy. Cut your limes into slices and place them inside a cup of hot water, along with some honey, for a soothing hot drink packed with Vitamin C.

3. The Fruit That Cleans

There’s a reason why some of your cleaning products are lime flavoured. Lime contains d-limonene, a natural solvent that cuts through grease and dirt. It can be mixed with vinegar and used as a disinfectant, or you can soak your copper and stainless steel cutlery and crockery in lime juice for a shiny finish.

4. Fat-burning Fruit

Lime juice is traditionally used in many weight reduction plans, as well as an antioxidant drink. It’s low in calories and contains citric acid, which is a great fat burner. Mix some honey, lime juice and warm water together and drink on an empty stomach to achieve best results.

5. Hair Growth

Add a tablespoon of lime juice to honey or flat beer (yes you read that right) and massage the mixture into your damp hair. This treatment will apparently make your hair stronger and shinier. Additionally, when people ask you why your hair looks so good, you’ll have an interesting story to tell them.

Is there any other way you use limes? Let us know in the comments below. And if like us, you’re suddenly feeling desperate for some limes, try our Ginger and Lime Still Lemonade.

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