5 Life Changing Facts about Coconuts.

On today’s Friday Five, we’ll be sharing five interesting facts about coconuts, the fabulous fruit with multiple benefits.

1.Coconut Home

Coconut Palace, Manila

You may have read about the pineapple hotel, but what about the Coconut Palace?
Former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, used coconuts to build the Coconut Palace in Manila. Hoping to impress Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Philippines, Marcos commissioned the structure to be built for $10 million. Seventy percent of the two-story building is built from coconut lumber. Other components of the coconut tree and fruit are also incorporated into the architecture and decoration.

2. Coconut Art


Many artists use coconuts to make sculptures, it involves a high level of detail and skill.The smooth, unbroken coconut shell also makes a great canvas for festive paintings.

3. Coconuts for vehicles and aircraft


During World War II and Japanese occupation, coconut oil bio-diesel was used to run engines when there was shortage of diesel fuel supply in the Philippines. Entrepreneur and owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways, Richard Branson, also used coconut oil bio-diesel to fly one of his planes from London to Amsterdam.

4. Coconut Protection


Believe it or not but warriors from Kiribati, an island republic in the Central Pacific, wore armour made out of coconuts. The coconut armour was made out of densely woven coconut fiber matting, a bit like wearing a really thick carpet!

5. Mosquito Fighting Coconuts


Those of us that live in or visit tropical countries will have come across a mosquito or two. Coconut oil, mixed with peppermint, tea tree, or rosemary essential oils has been recommenced as a natural alternative to pharmacy bought mosquito repellents. And it smells better!

We’ll be introducing a new Blue Skies flavour soon featuring (you guessed it) coconut! Keep tuned for more news about our new flavours.

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