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Vegetable farm project yields first greens for canteen

An update on the Blue Skies Vegetable Farm project by Abraham Amoako Atta, National Service intern After land preparation and transplanting, the farm begun to take its form and shape. The field was segregated into several sections, each section for every crop. The crops successfully transplanted included; tomatoes, sweet pepper, […]

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Trees of Southern Ghana

Trees of Southern Ghana and how they are used

In the early days of Blue Skies Ghana, Anthony had a great friend called Luis Gadzanaki with whom Anthony would often drive around the countryside in the course of business visiting farms and villages in southern Ghana. Anthony of course has a great interest in all natural things, especially trees, […]

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Khaled Awad, Blue Skies Egypt

Smart thinking saves energy use at Egypt

Egypt have two work-in-progress chill stores, and a blast chill for finished products. Two of these three rooms have an extensive south-facing wall made of insulated panels. Careful analysis of temperature information by Khaled Awad our engineering manager in Egypt revealed that during defrost cycles of the refrigeration equipment for […]

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