Smart thinking saves energy use at Egypt

Egypt have two work-in-progress chill stores, and a blast chill for finished products. Two of these three rooms have an extensive south-facing wall made of insulated panels.

Careful analysis of temperature information by Khaled Awad our engineering manager in Egypt revealed that during defrost cycles of the refrigeration equipment for the three rooms, the temperature increased far more in the rooms that have the south-facing walls receiving the full force of the hot Egyptian sun. He concluded that the equipment is working far harder in those rooms to maintain the correct temperature, and that we can save energy and money by adding extra panels to those walls for better insulation from the sun.

This action will save about 70,000 kW hours per year, which is £3000 and 35 tonnes of CO2. The photo above shows Khaled measuring the temperature of the blast chill wall at 43.4C.


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