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Amanfrom KVIP

The objective of this project was to construct a twelve-seater KVIP for the villages of Atakrom and Amanfrom in the Akwapim South District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Over 2000 people reside in Atakrom and Amanfrom which is home to six of Blue Skies pineapple suppliers. Previously the community […]

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Sekykrom Kindergarten

In 2010 the Blue Skies Foundation renovated a three-classroom kindergarten in the village of Seyikrom in Ghana. Sekykrom is home to 3,000 people and is located just outside the town of Nsawam in the Easter Region. Two farmers who supply Blue Skies also live in Sekykrom as well as many Blue […]

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Akraman Water Project

Akraman is located within the Akuapim South Municipality and has a population of about 1,500 people, including many Papaya farmers who feed i to the Blue Skies supply chain. The community has never had potable water except for a stream which was used by both young and old as their […]

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Krobo School Water Tanks

This is a project to provide water storage capacity for two senior high schools in Somanya, a town where many mango farmers reside. The schools – a boys school called YiloSec and a girls school called Krobo Girls – have a combined population of 2,430 students pursuing a variety of […]

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Obodan Junior High School

Obodan is a community of around 1,500 people in the Akuapem South Municipality of the Eastern region of Ghana. It is a farming community and home to several pineapple suppliers to Blue Skies. Since the project was completed the student population has risen from 189 to 250 pupils. The Junior […]

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Nsawam Clinic WC

The Blue Skies Foundation first supported the Nsawam Clinic in 2010 when it renovated the medical training centre. As part of the Foundation’s evaluation process, the Board revisited the project in December 2014 and met with the Director and staff at the project. During the visit it became apparent that […]

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Nawule Clinic

Nawule is a farming community in the Jomoro district of the Western Region of Ghana. The community is very close to the Ghana- Ivory Coast border and has a population of over 1,500 people who are mainly coconut farmers and  traders. Eye problems are particularly prevalent in the area, affecting three in […]

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