Krobo School Water Tanks

This is a project to provide water storage capacity for two senior high schools in Somanya, a town where many mango farmers reside. The schools – a boys school called YiloSec and a girls school called Krobo Girls – have a combined population of 2,430 students pursuing a variety of courses including agricultural science. Both schools are located at high altitude making it difficult to access potable water through a borehole, the schools therefore depended on the national mains water supply for use in washing, drinking and cooking.

Access of potable water to students has increased by over 30% due to more storage. Students now get potable water for more than 4 days a week when the mains water supply is down.

The challenge however has been that the mains water supply is unreliable and the school’s previous storage capacity was not sufficient to provide enough water during the full period when mains water was not working. As a result students would often have to leave the school to find water in the local town and there were times when the school had to close down entirely due to the lack of supply. The schools therefore asked the Foundation to provide and install a total of 2 35,000 Litre storage tanks to provide the teachers and students with enough capacity to enable consistent supply during periods when the mains water was not functioning.

The project was approved in December 2013 and completed by July 2014.

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