Ten Top Food Trends for 2017

While the world gets used to Donald Trump and Brexit, Pelican News contemplates what we’re all apparently going to be craving in 2017 according to a number of sources including Mintel, Whole Foods Market and Market Watch. So as you tuck in to your Kale and Beetroot Smoothie that you thought was all the rage, think again! Here are ten food trends predicted for 2017…

  1. Jackfruit: Speaking of plant-based proteins, jackfruit is becoming a very popular substitute for meat (Food & Drink Resources)
  2. Dragonfruit: Dragonfruit is another notable fruit. It’s the new acai with its powerful antioxidant content. (Food & Drink Resources)
  3. Souping: Instead of smoothies nowadays, it’s all about fruit soups. (Food & Drink Resources)
  4. Mocktail Mixology: From nonalcoholic happy hours to standalone mocktail menus, beverages are being positioned as intricate and unique experiences that can be had without the hangover. (Food & Drink Resources)
  5. Waste Not: The focus of sustainability zeros in on eliminating food waste. (Mintel)
  6. Moringa: Move over, kale – there’s a new super green. The leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree, grown in Haiti, parts of Latin America and Africa, are drawing interest from trend watchers for their nutritional content. (Market Watch)
  7. Tropical fruits and flowers were starting to float onto the radar last year, but we’re seeing these flavors combo’d with grains for concepts perceived as “healthier” indulgence. (SensortEffects)
  8. Coconut Everything: Virtually every component of this versatile fruit-nut-seed (coconuts qualify for all three!) is being used in new applications. (Whole Foods Market)
  9. Clean labels: lists of ingredients consumers can understand and pronounce (MarketWatch)
  10. Plant waters: From aloe water and maple water to artichoke water and cactus water, they are replacing more sugary sports drinks and artificially flavoured waters that don’t appeal to consumers’ desire for nutritious and natural beverages. (MarketWatch)
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