Safety first at Blue Skies Brazil

This month Blue Skies Brazil took part in the 4th SIPAT Occupational Accident Prevention Week. It was a whole week dedicated to instruct, train and alert all staff in order to reduce the number of internal accidents to zero. We had five days of lectures with ergonomists, physiotherapists, biologists, firefighters, safety engineers and nurses. We divided our team in many groups so production was not affected. Subjects included the environment, food safety, social responsibility, fire prevention, health, sexually transmitted diseases, smoking etc

There were 20 nurses in total who were here for 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday) offering arterial pressure and diabetes tests for all staff. One off them even came dressed as a clown while distributing contraception! One off our fire brigade stewards surprised many people by simulating a collapse in order to see if the staff had learned from their first aid training!

On Friday a special lunch was served and once again we ordered a decorated delicious cake from Terezinha, our sorting leader and gourmet cake maker!

Our safety team managed to arrange all the training free of charge! Every detail was very professional and the week was a huge success.

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