Meet Victoria Adu Boateng

Victoria Adu Boateng is the owner of Green Dove Farms, a supplier of mango to Blue Skies Ghana. Victoria is sixty years old and is married with one daughter. She has been farming at Green Dove for thirteen years. Victoria says “before I came in I didn’t know how much it was going to pay. Since Blue Skies entered things have changed. I get a good market and maintenance of the farm is helped by compost which Blue Skies supplies us”.

Victoria has ten acres of land which yields around sixty tons of mango each season. She says the compost which she gets from Blue Skies has helped to improve her yield and has reduced the need to purchase chemical fertilizers. The mango trees, which were in full flower in mid-August will take two weeks before the fruits start to set. Victoria says she is praying that the rains don’t start early so that the fruits will set. If the rains hold off then she is confident of a good harvest in early January 2017.


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