Meet Rubens Kaminski

Rubens Kaminski is our Maintenance Coordinatior at Blue Skies Brazil. RubensĀ  is 39 years old and has been married for 20 years. He has 2 boys aged at 10 and 14. Rubens joined us at Blue Skies Brazil in October 2016.

When Rubens is not working, he loves traveling with his family and visiting new places. He says he feels very valued working at Blue Skies.

With little time in the business, he has always been concerned about bringing economy and improvement solutions to our factory. Although he has a small internal team, he has never limited himself and has implemented projects and modifications to solve the needs of our operation. He has adapted very well to Blue Skies culture of teamwork and your cooperation is valuable to us!

Nominated by Daniele Oliveira Costa, Blue Skies Brazil

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