Meet Godfred Alimo

Godfred Alimo is the Managing Director of JT farms located in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

In secondary School Godfred had a high affinity for fulfilling scriptures and was particularly taken by the verse in Genesis which says “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it”. This inspired him to enrol at an agricultural college where he studied crop science.

After college, Godfred went on to take over as a manager of The Brothers which was then 5 acre farm and grew it to become the 100 acre farm which it is today, and which produces some of the best mangoes each season which are sold exclusively to the Blue Skies factory in Ghana.

After several years of cultivation Godfred decided to pursue fish farming in addition to the mangoes and he has on several occasions beennominated for the best Fish Farmer of the year in Ghana. Having won the Best District and regional Mango Famers awards several times, he was adjudged the National Best Fingerlings Producer in the 2016 Best National Farmers Award.

Godfred says that in spite of the difficult nature of agriculture, farming in the country is one of the best and most lucrative ventures when pursued with business in mind. His motivation is to remain a modest young farmer serving as a role model to young farmers in the country and beyond and that. He says he is eternally grateful to Blue Skies whose encounter has changed his perception and helped him fulfil his purpose in life. He looks forward to the day when farming will be accepted and embraced by all as a culture to propel the country’s economy forward.

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