Meet Gifty Odame Asare

Mrs. Gifty Odame Asare is one of the thirty five pioneers of Blue Skies Products Ghana when it started operations in 1998.

Gifty joined Blue Skies in December 1998 as a production operative and worked in High Care for one year before being transferred to the print room due to her affinity for that area of operation. She has been working in the print room now for the past seventeen years.

Gifty believes in the Blue Skies policy of training, encouraging and developing people from the grass roots and has contributed greatly to the company’s success so far. She has developed the skills to interact effectively with people from different walks of life and has trained over twenty five other people in the print room, and hopes to train more in the future. Gifty feels we can go back to the enthusiasm and spirit of our core values to inspire more commitment from people, something which she believes has suffered as the company has grown.

She says the print room was once one of the busiest and most highly pressured areas of the factory as staff always had be vigilant to printing errors, however the job has become easier over time thanks to the investment by management in modern equipment.

Gifty believes that Blue Skies offers the platform for any hard working people to develop themselves socially and academically. She has therefore taken advantage of the opportunity to pursue further education and is currently a second year student of Human Resources at the Pentecost University.

A mother of two, Gifty says she really loves to cook and watch football. Her favourite teams are Chelsea and Kumasi Asante Kotoko in Ghana.
Her greatest joy was when she was selected as part of a team to visit Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, and she wishes everyone in the future will have the same experience so as to broaden our horizons about the business and people across the globe.

She says “as a proud pioneer of Blue Skies, I believe everyone is important as has always been emphasized by the Founder Dr Anthony Pile. We should not envy anyone and look down on ourselves. We should improve on our working skills for the future.”

Gifty said, she is grateful to the Founder, her colleagues, management especially Mrs Ruth Smith Adjei and the entire Blue Skies family for the numerous opportunities and challenges that has transformed her life, and she promises to continue doing her best for the company.

By Alistair Djimatey, Blue Skies Ghana



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