Meet Gerald Valkema

This month, our new International Account Manager, Gerald Valkema, introduces himself…

What to tell in a few words…always difficult, but let’s try. I live just outside to Amsterdam with my girlfriend Anette and our sons Kobus (4yrs) and Willem (2 months). The village where we live really has best of both worlds: 15 minutes cycling from Amsterdam, but very rural at the same time. Being a proper country boy (I own a tractor’s driver’s license), I always dreamed about settling somewhere where my kids would be able to build huts, play in the garden, play hide & seek etc. just as I used to do when growing up. Also, having my own chickens (and chicks since early April) and vegetable plot was a wish that has been fulfilled. So, if you any questions about growing potatoes, beans and red beets, or hatching eggs, I happily give you some advice. But when it comes to exotic fruits I am keen to learn a lot from our overseas teams.

I am delighted to have joined Blue Skies in March and can’t wait to expand our business in Europe together with the team! Blue Skies already feels like a family with the right focus: healthy, pure products with a strong CSR footprint through our Foundation.

I hope to visit Ghana early July and look forward to meeting my new colleagues. Also, keen to visit the Nsawam Fire station as I am a part time, voluntary firefighter in Amsterdam!

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