Kwakwakrom KVIP

Kwakwakrom is small community in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is host to just over 1,000 inhabitants who are mainly farmers growing pineapple, maize, plantain and legumes.
The Community has had no effective public place of convenience for generations and the community over the years have been battling with health problems arising from poor sanitation. Outbreaks of cholera and other water-bourne diseases have in the past resulted in the loss of life. Despite education programmes on hygiene and sanitation, the lack of a simple toilet facility in the area has caused significant challenges for the community.

In 2017 the Blue Skies Foundation agreed to fund a new  12-seater pit-latrine (KVIP) for the people of Kwakwakrom in order to improve sanitation and reduce communicable disease that plague the village almost every year. The project was completed in June 2017 and features a rain harvesting and hand-washing facility.

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