Meet Joseph Kwesi Odzeyem

Joseph Kwesi Odzeyem is one of our most reliable and consistent Mango growers in the Blue Skies farmer group. He started commercial farming in 1972 with sugarcane and in 1984 he switched to food crop farming. Through the intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture he got involved in Seed Maize production which he continued with until he later shifted to mango farming. Although he was born in the Eastern mango belt it was not until 1995 that he was attracted to mango farming.

Joseph’s farm ‘Dormehsco’ joined the Blue Skies Farmer Group in 2003 and currently supplies between 200-300 tons of mangos per season from his 50 acre (20 Ha) farm. He trained as a teacher and continued to the University of Ghana to pursue courses in Administration and other disciplines.

He is married with seven children and lives at Somanya in the Eastern Region of Ghana. His success in mango cultivation is linked to his younger brother Seth Kwao Odzeyem who has ably steered the affairs of the farm for all these years.

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