Introducing Cannan Farms

Cannan is a Coconut Farm situated in the Central Region of Ghana and has been supplying coconut to Blue Skies for over ten years.

There are 19 coconut farmers at Cannan who all live at Vanderpuye village which is home to around 187 people, and is located within the farm.

The coconut palms were planted in 1932 and there are now 50 acres of coconut in cultivation. Cannan also grows cocoa, palm oil and rubber.

Coconut is harvested each day after it has fallen from the tree. The husks are removed at the village and then spread on the farm where they are used as a natural fertiliser.

The Blue Skies Foundation has supported Cannan with two projects to date, these include a water system to provide the village with a reliable supply of potable water, and a corn-mill and service centre which allows villagers to grind corn into powder for use in staple foods.

Stephen Cudjoe is pictured dehusking coconuts ready for processing into fresh chunks or ice-cream at Blue Skies Ghana.
Cocoa beans drying at Cannan with the Corn Mill Service Centre in the background
Foundation Manager Alistair Djimatey with the cornmill
The entrance to Cannan
Coconut trees at Cannan
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