Inter-departmental games take place in Ghana

The Blue Skies Ghana inter-departmental games took place in December 2015. This was organized by the manager of the Blue Skies Pelican Football team (Eben Asare) in a bid to recruit new players and to give people the opportunity to exercise and have some fun. The High Care Team won the men’s competition while the “Other Departments” team won the women’s gala competition. All the teams can be seen in the photos below.

BS Juice Team-900 The Blue Skies Juice Team

Despatch Team-900

Despatch Team

Eng & Transport Team-900Engineering and Transport team

Env,Farms & Estate Team-900

Envirnoment, Farms & Estates

High Care Ladies Team-900

High Care Ladies Team

High Care Team-900

High Care Men’s Team

Label Despatch Ladies Team-900

Label Depatch Ladies Team

Other Dept ladies Team-900

Other Departments Ladies Team

Other Dept Team-900

Other Departments Men’s Team

RR & Intake Team-900

RR and Intake Team

Security Visibility Team-900

Security Visibility Team

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