Helping the community to reduce plastic pollution

In Siyathemba, the community near our factory in South Africa, the local waste site had over the years got in to a bad state. Plastics were strewn all over the fence and were polluting the nearby area, and animals had been able to enter unfenced areas and become affected by consuming waste plastic materials.

As a responsible member of the community, Blue Skies took action by working with its local contractor and the local environmental department to clean up the site and clear it of all plastics. Blue Skies SA Maintenance Manager, China Mokoena, coordinated the project and has put in place measures to ensure that the site is no longer used for dumping plastics. Plastic materials are now directed to a local recycling enterprise. As a result, the waste site is now looking a lot more tidy and the local community and animals are no longer affected by plastic pollution. This is a great example of our people taking the initiative and working with the local community to solve a problem.

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