Going the extra mile to continue supplying fresh fruit to the world

With coronavirus (COVID-19) forcing governments around the world to close borders and restrict movement, Pelican News takes a look at what Blue Skies is doing to protect its people and its business.

There have now been over 200,000 reported cases of coronavirus since it was first discovered in December. It is a new virus that is considered to be highly contagious, and while the majority of people who catch it display only minor symptoms, there are some who will develop more severe symptoms. This is why we are seeing such stringent measures being introduced to slow down its spread.

For Blue Skies, the top priority is the health of its people. This is why the company has taken steps to brief staff on advice provided by the World Health Organisation and local health authorities on personal hygiene and measures that can be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. This is on top of the strict hygiene measures already practiced by the business.

Another area where Blue Skies is taking decisive action is logistics. As a business that relies on passenger airlines to get its products to market, Blue Skies is affected by the increasing number of airlines that are reducing their schedules and grounding flights. To address this, steps are being taken to use air cargo services and move production where necessary, in order to ensure that customers remain supplied during these challenging times.

Head of Operations, Vijay Gulati said “It is by no means an easy task to overhaul our logistics amidst such a volatile situation, but we are doing everything within our means to find alternative arrangements, and we are confident that we will be able to keep supplying the vast majority of our key lines ”

Chairman and Founder of Blue Skies, Anthony Pile, said “These are indeed unprecedented times for the world, but we know that with the flexibility of our fresh from harvest model, and the adaptability of our culture, we will come through this crisis a stronger and more dynamic business than we have ever been before”.

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