Foundation receives over 70 proposals

Our search for 2016 Foundation projects is underway, led by our Foundation Manager Alistair Djimatey. 

We have limited funds and resources, but we consider every request that comes our way. Our selection process enables us to evaluate project requests made from within the communities where our farmers and staff live.

So far, over 70 proposals have been submitted. Among them is the school shown in the photos above. This is a school of 149 students and 16 teachers but no proper school building. The classes are moved around according to the movement of the sun. This project along with all our projects must now be evaluated, prioritised and shortlisted by our representative Council and approved by our Board by the end of the year. It’s an extremely tough and responsible job to have to consider so many projects with the limited resources we have, but it’s a job we take very seriously.

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