Foundation projects near completion

The Blue Skies Foundation is well on the way to completing all its 2017 projects.

The Foundation, now in its eighth year, has over 60 projects runnning which have impacted more than 280,000 people.

Projects completed so far this year include a latrine for the Kwakwakrom, a pineapple farming community in Ghana, and the donation of computers and food for an orphanage in Senegal.

Projects nearing completion include work to rennovate the Amir Elgyoush learning centre in Egypt, and the construction of a new Primary School block in the village of Esikabew in Ghana.

In addition the 2017 School Farm of the Year Competition is underway in Ghana. 60 schools are competing for the increasingly sought-after prize of Blue Skies School Farm of the Year.

The 2016 Foundation Annual Report can be downloaded fromĀ fresh.blueskies.com/foundation2016

Kwakwakrom KVIP project
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