Fatou Guere wins our 2019 Chairman’s Award

Congratulations to Fatou Guere from Blue Skies Senegal who has won our 2019 Chairman’s Award, which was announced at our conference on the 18th of November. Fatou Guere joined Blue Skies Senegal in July 2012. She was quickly noticed and the following year she was promoted to the position of team leader. Through her leadership, we now have a dedicated and hard working team. Visitors are overwhelmed by the energy and love our staff have shown towards the job. Fatou has managed to show the same dedication and enthusiasm in Blue Skies Cote D’Iviore. She is able to lead our team there and inspire them to do exactly what is needed. She is a tough and sometimes strict leader, but she is friendly and always fair. She is loved and respected by all our people. Fatou will organise a team to go and harvest at farms when we are in dire need of fruit. She will go to the market and collect our crates from traders, even if she has to fight to get them back. She protects anything that concerns Blue Skies, because for her, Blue Skies is her family.

All the people that were nominated for our Chairman’s Award have received a Special Commendation Award. They were: Angela Johnston from Blue Skies UK, Sombu Nkosi, David Moeketsi, China Mokoena and Themba Mngomezulu from Blue Skies South Africa, Gerald Valkema from Blue Skies Netherlands, Henri Glaizot from Blue Skies in France, Victoria Asante from Blue Skies Ghana, Gloria Asare from Blue Skies Senegal, and Guy Murfitt and George Hutton from Blue Skies Pitsford.

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