Esikabew Primary School

Esikabew is a farming community located near to Nsawam in Ghana. The community is mainly made up of subsidence farmers growing cereals, tubers and vegetables, and there are also a number of farmers growing pineapple and papaya for Blue Skies. Some staff of Blue Skies and their families also live in this community.
Esikabew has a population of about 1500 people. The basic school was established in 1948 and had been constructed almost entirely from mud. Over the years however it had deteriorated to a very poor state. As a result teacher’s would often seek to be transfered to other schools and student numbers dwindled from 700 to 86 as parents sought to send their children to other schools. Academic work had also suffered wince the school lacked consistent and effective teaching.

In 2017 the Blue Skies Foundation agreed to provide a new six classroom Primary School block for the community of Esikabew with the aim of creating a better teaching and learning environment for pupils and teachers. The project was completed in September 2018.

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