Chinto Primary School

Chinto is home to many Blue Skies staff and some farmers. The community’s only Basic School comprises of a six classroom Primary School and a Junior High School, however the structure that accommodated the Junior High School collapsed  in 2014,  leaving the school with no choice but to hold classes under trees. As a result, academic performance was seriously affected and many parents moved their children to other schools. Those who remained would limit their attendance due to the poor environment for learning.

The school therefore appealed to the Foundation in 2015 to build a new classroom block on land within the school site. In 2016 the Foundation commenced work on a new three classroom block for the school including a head teachers office and staff common room. The project was completed the same year and is already having a significant impact by improving attendance and academic performance and attracting more students back to the school.

The school has also participated in the Blue Skies School Farm of the Year Competition.

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