Blue Skies reacts to UK’s decision to leave the EU

In the last Pelican News we published two perspectives on whether UK should remain in the European Union (EU). Since then UK citizens have taken to the polls with 52% voting in favour of the UK leaving the EU.

The immediate aftermath has seen volatility in world markets and a sharp fall in the pound, but what does it mean for Blue Skies in the long run? Our Chairman, Anthony Pile, gives his reaction:

The news to which we awoke this morning was not what many of us wanted or indeed expected. Of course we are where we are and now we must rise to the challenge of change. But Blue Skies likes change and welcomes challenge and always emerges at the other side successful and strong.

The leadership of our wonderful business now simply needs to read the ground, step over the difficulties and seize the opportunities. And that is exactly what we shall do for the sake of the 4,000 and more people in our business, for our customers and many stakeholders. So hold tight as we steer through these choppy waters, but I promise you we shall get through, for the good ship Blue Skies is in very good shape.

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