Blue Skies leads way in fight against BBS

Blue Skies has been instrumental in the growth of the mango industry in Ghana, having been the main buyer for farmers for the past two decades. In addition, the Foundation has established a regional training centre and the business has helped pioneer agronomy techniques to improve farm productivity and control diseases and pests such as anthracnose and fruit fly.

More recently, Blue Skies have taken a lead role in the fight against a new threat, Bacterial Black Spot (BBS). BBS is a disease which is mainly spread through wind blown rain from tree to tree. It affects fruits by causing black spots on leaves and fruit, that culminate in fruit lesions and rapid crop loss.

There are a number of simple, cost effective measures that can be taken against BBS, such as establishing windbreaks on farms, applying careful pruning and good orchard sanitation, and using copper based fungicides. Led by Chief Agronomist, Ernest Abloh, the business is taking action by raising awareness and providing expert training and support for all its growers to counter this latest threat.

Blue Skies have a long history of reacting quickly and effectively to resolve issues like BBS. By being proactive and providing assistance to growers, the business has played a vital role in the development of agriculture in Ghana. The steps taken by Blue Skies now will play a further important role in safeguarding the future of Ghana’s mango industry and the continuing advancement of best-practice agronomic techniques.

It is this approach that has given the business the edge over the years and enabled it to continue offering the best quality fresh fruit products for all its customers.

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