Blue Skies launches new state-of-the-art facility in Benin

Blue Skies have launched a brand new fresh-cut facility in the West African country of Benin.

The Republic of Benin is a French speaking country of 11 million people and is situated between Togo and Nigeria. The new facility incorporates a host of pioneering and new technologies that will increase efficiency, reduce energy, water, plastic and chemical use, and recycle over 90% of water consumed.

Training of over new 100 staff started at the beginning of February and coincided with a visit from the President of the Republic of Benin, Patrice Talon.

The first consignment of fresh-cut fruit was flown from the international airport at Cotonou to Paris Charles de Gaulle on February 25th, one day before the anniversary of Blue Skies first ever production in Ghana on the 26th of February 2008!

This new facility marks a new era for Blue Skies, as it seeks to expand the capacity and reach of its ‘fresh from harvest’ products and reduce its environmental impact on the planet.

The new factory in Benin (top). President Talon is shown inside the factory (bottom, left) and Anthony briefs the new in take of staff (bottom, right)
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