Blue Skies inspire at Kids Country Agricultural show

Blue Skies were out in force with Waitrose at the Kids Country Agricultural Show in Peterborough, UK on Friday 3rd July

Kids Country is the largest educational farming event of its kind in the UK. It is held on the East of England Showground and this year was visited by over 5,000 children from schools throughout the East of England. The event is supported by exhibitors from all over the country including food producers, retailers and brands with names such as Albert Barlett and Kelloggs, Bartfords, Produce World and Anglia Water in attendance. There is also an African Village organised by the Marshall Papworth Fund which is designed to educate students on farming in Africa. This is where Blue Skies and the Waitrose Foundation had their joint stand.

Around 600 school pupils passed through our stand on the day. Every group was taken on a journey from farm to factory to supermarket – starting with a short talk on farming next to a pineapple plant, followed by a trip to a miniture representation of a Blue Skies factory made from a childens play-house and then finishing with a look at the finished product at the supermarket and the impact it has on communities involved in the supply of fresh-cut fruit. Our hope is we will have inspired more young people to enter careers in food production and to understand the benefits of buying prepared fruit, made at source in Africa!

Pictured top is Lana, Cath, Ally, Joe and Amali.


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