Behind the scenes of our mango procurement

The prepared mango quality from Blue Skies is renowned but a lot goes into putting the best fruits into our ready to eat convenience packs. We often talk about the skilled staff who wash and cut our fruits and the activities that go on at the mango farms, but there is an important team in the middle that ensures we get the best out of the fruit that we source.

The procurement and intake team in Ghana are managed by Rose (pictured top), an expert in fruit but also a formidable manager of a 300 strong team. Amongst other things, Rose orders the West African fruit consignments from Ghana, Burkina Faso or Cote d’Ivoire. She also makes sure we unload lorries, sort and grade raw material and most importantly that we take every single one of the 1 million fruits that are processed weekly through a rigorous inspection and ripening process. The natural environment provides the perfect ripening humidity and temperature but people are the real secret to our mango success.

Pictures and report by Guy Murfitt, Procurement Director

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