A Christmas Message from Anthony Pile

It has been one of those extraordinary years.  What happens around the world very often affects us – invariably we find that where economies come under pressure we gain.  South Africa and Egypt are cases in point.  It is not always like this; UK for example.  Because we sell our fresh-cut products to UK, we were adversely and quite severely affected when the economy there faced a reversal and the Pound with it.  The roller coaster journey through 2016 has just about come to an end and we have all managed to come through together!  We are a resilient and tough bunch of people!

I am often reminded by those around me how important our culture is and what a huge part it plays in getting us business, attracting new trading relationships and in generating warmth from the general public.  We are going to try and launch products under our brand name in the months ahead and we feel we have a head start thanks to quite simply who we are!

I like to think of our culture as a corporate conscience.  People in Blue Skies do not need to be told to care for others or turn from the wrong way to do something, we just know what to do.  We make a profit so that we can afford to do the right things.  Sometimes it is right to put machinery in place so that we make more profit and at other times we make profit so that we advance the collective responsibility we have to look after our own people, the communities in which we work and the stakeholders in Blue Skies.

What amazes me and fills me with pride is the way you and your colleagues brush off adversity and apply yourselves with energy and vigour unmatched by our competitors.  You are the reason we are growing and growing profitably.  Your determination, focus and sheer professionalism impress our customers and when you consistently deliver on your commitments they come to Blue Skies first.

In 2017 we are setting out to spend more than ever before.  We want to build a business suited to the next exciting chapter in what will be a long life.  Now we have to deliver the plans set out in our budget and I have no doubt that we can, given the quality of our leaders and the quite remarkable people we serve.

Jenny and I want to thank you for making Blue Skies what it is and to wish you, your families and loved ones a very happy Christmas, perfect celebrations and a New Year to suit us all.

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