Blue Skies agree Ten Sustainability Commitments

Blue Skies have agreed ten Blueprint Sustainability Commitments in response to the priorities identified in 2018 our stakeholder survey and taking in to account feedback received at our annual conference. This document will form a framework within which all of our operations can set targets and actions to enable the business to work towards meeting each of these commitments.

They are:

  1. To always buy with integrity, fairness and professionalism, and source as many of our materials and equipment as possible from local suppliers with similar values to our own.
  2. To maximise the profitability of our business, but never at the expense of our values.
  3. To provide the best possible place to work, where everyone feels equally valued and respected and where everyone has a voice when it comes to issues such as welfare, remuneration and professional development.
  4. To minimise the impact that our business and supply-chain have on biodiversity.
  5. To minimise the amount of waste that we produce and ensure that as little of it as possible goes to landfill, and as much as it as possible is either reused or recycled.
  6. To always engage with our local communities and provide appropriate support where it is within our means.
  7. To minimise the environmental impact of all our materials, both in terms of how they are sourced, how they are used and how they are disposed of.
  8. To use as little energy as possible and ensure that as much of it as possible comes from a sustainable source.
  9. To use as little water as possible and ensure that as much of it as possible comes from a sustainable source.
  10. To ensure the safest and healthiest possible working environment for all our people.
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