Blue Skies receives a third Queens Award for Enterprise

We are very pleased to announce that Blue Skies has received a Queens Award for Sustainable Development for the third time.  The award recognises the company’s contribution to development by producing fresh-cut fruit and freshly squeezed juice, prepared within the country of origin. In particular it acknowledges how the Blue […]

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Blue Skies Keep Fit Club

Keep Fit Club turns 5!

The Blue Skies Ghana keep Fit Club celebrated their 5th anniversary in March. The Keep fit Club was formed in 2010 to encourage staff to take up regular exercise and lead a healthy life. They are recognized as one of the leading keep-fit clubs in Ghana. The anniversary was celebrated […]

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Blue Skies launch brand with Albert Heijn

Queen Victoria Pineapple from Ghana Launches

Blue Skies have launched Queen Victoria Pineapple from Ghana during the visit from Albert Heijn on the 25-27 March. Blue Skies pineapple farmer Eric Paintsil is pictured below with a framed picture of the label which he features in. Eric is accompanied by Marit van Egmond and Adriaan Thierry from […]

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Future Farmers campaign gets underway in Ghana

The Blue Skies Foundation has launched the School Farm of the Year Competition in Ghana to find the farmers of the future. On the 9th of March Blue Skies in partnership with the Foundation launched the School Farm of the Year Competition; a new initiative designed to encourage students in […]

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Blue Skies Chief Agronomist Ernest Abloh

Meet Ernest Abloh

Ernest Abloh is the Chief Agronomist at Blue Skies Ghana and plays a vital role in supporting farmers to meet the high standards required by the company in order to supply retailers throughout the world, and produce the best freshly squeezed juice on the market. Ernest joined Blue Skies on […]

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The UK Minister for Trade Lord Livingston visits Blue Skies

UK Trade Minister visits Blue Skies

UK Trade Minister Lord Livingston called in on Blue Skies this month as part of a two day visit to Ghana to explore opportunities to strengthen trade links between the UK and Ghana.  Lord Livingston was CEO of BT Group from 2008 until 2013 and had been Group Finance Director […]

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Blue Skies Foundation 2015 Projects start

2015 Foundation projects begin

All Foundation projects in Ghana are now underway after a successful tender process was held to select the contractors.  This year’s projects include teachers’ accommodation for a sugarloaf farming community in the Central Region, a classroom block for a school in a pineapple growing area, two public toilets for communities […]

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The changing face of Blue Skies

The changing face of Blue Skies

2015 sees the eighteenth year since Anthony Pile stepped out of a plane in Ghana and decided he would start up a fresh-cut factory here, and the change that has taken place since that time is remarkable. The two pictures below show what has changed. The top photo reveals a […]

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